Flavours & Fillings

All of these can be made in Cake, Cupcake, and Cake Push up forms, prices will vary so please enquire when placing order.

9-5 Menu

Vanilla Skies (Vanilla cake) – Light Vanilla sponge cake

Mud slides (Chocolate cake) – Moist Chocolate sponge cake

Ying&Yang (Marble cake) – A combination of Chocolate and Vanilla sponge cake

Racy Red (Red velvet cake) – Decadent Chocolate cake (cocoa) with red colouring

24 Cart (Carrot cake) – Moist Cake with Carrot, Walnut and Raisins

Morning Glory (Lemon cake) – Light Lemon sponge cake

Snow Flakes (Coconut cake) – Light Coconut sponge cake

Cookies and cream (Oreo cookie cake) – Light sponge cake with pieces of Oreo cookies inside

After Hour Menu (Contains Alcohol)

Raspberry Daiquiri
Light vanilla sponge filled with a rum based raspberry compote and a raspberry butter cream.

Strawberry and champagne
Strawberry flavoured sponge filled with Strawberry Jam and Champagne butter cream.

White Chocolate Truffle and Champagne
Light White Chocolate sponge and Champagne butter cream

Chocolate Baylies cake
Moist Chocolate cake infused with generous amounts of Baileys/Irish Cream and a white Chocolate butter cream.

Amaretto cake
Double Chocolate Fudge cake infused with Amaretto and an Almond butter cream.

Important Stuff

Our cakes are made in a kitchen where nuts are used. However not all our cake contain nuts (unless specified), we unfortunately cannot guarantee nut free cakes, neither can we be held responsible for any ingredient contaminated at source, however we will endeavour to take steps to make sure that your cakes do not contain nuts if again as mentioned above you specify this at the point of ordering.

Alteration to Order

Any alteration to the original order must be confirmed via email as soon as possible. We are happy to make alterations to your celebration cake design a week before the event and for wedding cakes 3 weeks before the event. If ordering cupcakes, cookies or cake push ups you may also alter the amounts with a weeks notice. Late amendments to orders are often possible, and every effort will be made to accommodate changes, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Our cakes should not be stored in the fridge if they contain any sugarpaste covering or decoration. Please store in the package provided, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
After the cake has been cut, any leftovers should be carefully wrapped and kept in an airtight tin or box.
The cake will be at its best for up to 3 days after delivery. We cannot guarantee flavour or texture if the cake is consumed after this recommended period, although in many cases, the cake will still be delicious!

We reserve the right to upload a picture of your completed cake onto the website and other social media sites for publicity purposes. No personal details will be disclosed (apart from the name on the cake if applicable).